Reversing in a wheelchair

Freedom Wheelchair Skills teaches people essential skills, to enable them to be more confident and independent using their wheelchairs.

The skills taught in training sessions can be easily transferred into everyday environments within the home or outside. However, for some people manoeuvring their wheelchair around the home can feel like a real challenge. Or building up the confidence to venture outside, even within the local area, can feel daunting. Being in a public space with worries about people’s perceptions of disability, can create significant anxiety. Going out into an area which can seem unfriendly and scary can stop people from fulfilling their potential.

Everyday Skill sessions with Freedom Wheelchair Skills can take place within your home environment or local area, helping you learn skills and develop confidence to go about your daily life and activities with ease. We can show you how to negotiate your home environment more easily, good pushing technique, opening and closing doors, reaching and carrying items safely, space awareness, turning and managing tight spaces. Freedom Wheelchair Skills can also accompany you around your local area to apply such skills out and about, overcoming the challenges you might face, whether environmental, lack of confidence, anxiety about crowds or public attitude.

Using a wheelchair in town