Mindset Massage

Mindset Massage are passionate about good health, well-being and success in the workplace, having over 20 years of experience working in the corporate environment and 5 years within specialist education enables us to be empathetic when it comes to listening to the needs of our clients.

Tree of Hope

Tree of Hope are the crowdfunding charity for children with healthcare needs. We are a registered charity which offers a fundraising framework for parents of children with medical conditions and disabilities, seeking specialist treatment, therapy and equipment which is not freely available via the UK healthcare system. Call Georgie in our Family Support Team on 01892 535525 to find out how we can help you raise money to support your child. …


Disability sports accessories, lifestyle equipment and Double.

Rough Riderz

The UK’s only gravity biking club, helping disabled people experience the thrills of downhill mountain biking!


Remap is a UK charity with skilled volunteers who custom make equipment for disabled people, helping them achieve independence and a better quality of life.

Fred Shed

Garden and DIY equipment reviewed for able and disabled gardeners alike.

Active Hands

Active Hands make gripping aids to give those with hand weakness independent access to a range of activities.

Access Adventures

We’re outdoor adventurers who love a challenge. We’ve founded a non-profit organisation to provide fun adaptive programmes, hoping to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by giving them access to sport and outdoor adventures

Wheely Good Fitness

Wheely Good Fitness offer fitness instruction and classes to wheelchair users and the disabled community.


Trabasack is a smart lap tray that can be carried and used as a bag. Keep your wallet and valuables close at hand and have a firm surface for food, play or working on wherever you need it. Live life on the move!


The Mountain Trike Company produce and manufacture manual all-terrain wheelchairs from their UK premises.  The unique lever drive system allows the rider to power, steer and brake whilst keeping your hands clean and dry in all weathers.  Designed to handle any terrain offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.  Arrange a demo of The Mountain Trike lever drive chair, The MT Evo for riders with limited hand function or the MT Push – a buddy chair where the steering and braking takes place by the riders buddy using the push handle located behind the rider


WheelPower is the national charity for wheelchair sport in the United Kingdom and aims to transform lives through sport for disabled people.  WheelPower is based at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire and provides a range of opportunities and advice for wheelchair users on sport and physical activity and offers a free Membership Scheme.

Grippitz Gloves

Grippitz are a cuff-glove designed for quadriplegics to help get better grip when pushing their wheelchair. Grippitz are made with very grippy hard-wearing rubber pads. They have a supportive and protective pad on the back of the hand for those who use the backhand breaking style and for those who like a little extra wrist support for long days getting around. Grippitz also have two strong Velcro tabs to keep your hands wrapped up securely. Grippitz are designed to help save your energy, get you going, turning and breaking in all weathers and terrains.

Wheelchair Skills Program

This website deals with the Wheelchair Skills Program (WSP). The WSP includes the Wheelchair Skills Test (WST), the questionnaire version of the WST (WST-Q) and the Wheelchair Skills Training Program (WSTP). It is used to assess and train wheelchair users and/or their caregivers and clinicians.