Learn Correct Pushing Technique: Forwards

Learn the correct forward pushing technique. This will help you to get the most out of propelling the wheelchair. Enabling you to push further for longer. Reducing wear and tear on upper body joints and muscles.

Correct Pushing Technique : Backwards

Understand safety points when reversing. Learn how to get the most out of the propulsion of the chair and reducing wear and tear on upper body joints and muscles.

Turning the Wheelchair

Learn to turn the wheelchair with control. Understand space awareness. This will help prevent you from catching knuckles and scraping against furniture.

Stopping Safely

Learn to stop your wheelchair safely in both directions. As a result feel confident you will not to crash in to things.

Lifting Front Casters

Lifting front casters off the floor. This will assist you in getting over obstructions and uneven surfaces. Making a smoother ride in you wheelchair.

One-Handed Pushing

One-handed pushing techniques. It’s a good idea not to put things on your lap, especially hot things, for safety reasons. With one handed pushing you can move from room to room with a cup of tea or your dinner plate.

Open Doors & Negotiate Thresholds

Learn to open doors and negotiate thresholds with confidence. A skill helping you become less reliant on others and as a result increasing your independence.