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Kerb Descent

Wheelchair Skills, Why Would You?

Being able to get around confidently using my wheelchair is vital to maintaining my independence. The individual skills combined together make it look like the chair is part of me. …


Looking for Excitement

I could say I had not experienced much adventure in my life before my spinal cord injury. A chance to go to Keswick on a Multi Activity course, organized by …

Red Kite

The Sweeping Kite.

Kites in the Chilterns. The green rolling hills of the Chilterns are home to the predatory Red Kites, that soar and sweep in the bright sunshine. They are hungry and …

Old Game Console.

The Curse of the Video Game.

24 Hour TV. The fun of virtual home-schooling with pupils having to dial in using meeting software is all very well and good. I’m confident the teachers are doing their …

Stuck in the snow now


I hate the snow. I hate the snow. The snow looks nice but I hate it. The road is quiet, the sky is bright blue and the air feels fresh …

Things to Do

Learning. As the current lock-down situation continues, there has been no wheelchair skills training taking place. In order to keep my mind busy, alongside home schooling my son, I connected …

Stop off somewhere in SA

Global Traveling Experience.

My first experiences of traveling round the globe and having a spinal cord injury and needing to use a wheelchair.