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In 1993 I was a back seat passenger in a car when, unfortunately, the driver lost the road and crashed. I don’t recall the accident. I woke up from a coma a month later in The National Spinal Injuries Centre in Stoke Mandeville. I was 17, paralysed, and wheelchair-dependent. It felt like my life had to start again, learning how to look after myself, and basically live!
About Me…Why Freedom Wheelchair Skills?

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No wheelchair anti-tip wheels

What do Wheelchair Anti-tip Wheels do?

Do you call them bars or wheels? What do wheelchair anti-tip wheels do? Just to clarify. In this piece, anti-tip wheels, anti-tip bars, or safety bars – I refer to …

Door to freedom after surgery.

Surgery – Theatre Day Arrives

Surgery The morning of surgery is when I go under the knife again for Baclofen pump No. four. I wake early to the sounds of a busy ward. Trollies are …