Jerry Burnie


Multiple Sclerosis

Although those suffering spinal injuries do seem to have access to training, for my condition (MS) I struggled to find any support when I started using a wheelchair. Stuart at Freedom Wheelchair Skills fills this gap. The session was very informative and gave me the opportunity to practice a wide range of skills. Where I could not manage some techniques Stuart adapted them until I could. He is very professional and the follow up report and technique cards are very useful. It has already made a positive difference to how I use the chair and also highlighted the limitations and risks involved.

Sean Furey


Multiple Sclerosis

The Freedom Wheelchair Skills training improved my existing skills, learned by trial and error over the five years I’ve used a wheelchair.  Stuart also taught me some new skills, improving my ability to handle stairs.  When I first got a wheelchair in 2011, I couldn’t get any training – I’m pleased to see Freedom Wheelchair Skills working to change this.

Samuel Abelman


Multiple Sclerosis

My session with Stuart has paid enormous dividends. Before attending, I hadn’t the confidence or skills to use my wheelchair to negotiate slopes, kerbs or door thresholds. After three hours with Stuart at the helm, I now understand the mechanics of wheelchair mobility and can now begin to use it with confidence. Stuart has an extremely diligent and motivating attitude, he really cares.  I encourage anyone to attend training with Stuart.. it’s inspiring!



Multiple Sclerosis

WOW. Had a one on one training day with Stuart. At first was not exactly sure how much this would benefit me. I must say this is one of the best choice’s i made to do this. Started off doing basic wheelchair skills and Stuart corrected me on the smallest things i was doing wrong which straight away improved my technique. From doing basic skills to more advanced just got better and better. By the end of the session i was going up and down kerbs and also came down some steps backwards in my chair.

I would highly recommend anyone to go to Stuart and have some lessons. You will benefit from his expertise. Once you have done it i can guarantee you will feel more confident in your chair and feel you can go anywhere feeling confident of not getting stuck anywhere.

Stuart puts you at ease right from the start and is a very friendly guy. Thanks Stuart.

Alison Clough


Multiple Sclerosis

Stuart tailored the session to the stage of my ability and set me realistic achievable goals. I feel confident to practise the skills I have learnt with him. The session felt relaxed and easy going, however, Stuart kept it on track ensuring all skills were covered. Stuart is a friendly and approachable person who is always safety conscious.