Fiona Carey

Reduced Mobility

The one-to-one session on advanced skills that I had with Stuart was tremendous. The phone-based assessment beforehand covered not only my level of skill, experience and confidence, but also my chair, my height and weight, and a discussion about health issues that might affect my chair use. It was very thorough, and enabled Stuart to design the session very much around my specific needs. He’s very friendly and easy to talk to.

On the day, he was careful to go through some of the basics to check on my technique, and to make sure that I really did have the skills I was claiming to have! And we moved on pretty quickly to the things I had come to sort. He was clear in his coaching, and specific with guidance, and as I made progress he kept stretching me a little, suggesting the next thing to try, and making the tasks a little harder all the time. He also took notes and sent me away with some practice sheets. And he followed up with an email containing, personalised advice based on the manouevres we had covered.

All in all, I was really pleased and feel much more confident about the techniques I’d been struggling with. Stuart was a pleasure to spend time with. I’d recommend the sessions without hesitation. In fact, I already have!