Stuart is an exceptional trainer in wheelchair skills. Teaching beginners the basics, from pushing their day chair forwards and backwards as well as developing their skills and confidence in the manoeuvrability of their chair. Stuart is clear and concise with his explanations and demonstrations before letting people try. Stuart will also come alongside and do some 1:1 work with clients and help place hands in the correct position to push their chair. This enables clients to have different learning styles, which engages all learning styles whether visually, auditory or kinaesthetic.

Stuart is able to give practical advice of how to use a wheelchair, as well as examples of incidents that have happened to him. Stuart is a great role model for youngsters as well as adults. Stuart is keen to develop all clients to the best of their ability whether through communication or practically. All clients leave the sessions refreshed and enlightened having learnt new skills, whether it is from flicking their castors up in the air to backwheel balancing or going off kerbs or down stairs. Stuart always has a scenario to help with the clients learning to give them incidences to work out.

I would definitely recommend Freedom Wheelchair Skills as I have learnt a variety of new techniques to help me be more independent in tackling everyday problems when out and about. Furthermore, it was good value for money and, overall, was a great experience.

I approached Freedom Wheelchair Skills as we have a student in the 6th form who is a wheelchair user. Our student had never been offered proper training on how to use his chair and get the best performance out of the chair. I had spoken to Stuart from Freedom Wheelchair Skills for advice on how our student uses his wheelchair. Stuart was very helpful and informative; he was able to answer my questions and give us good advice. Our student was shown different ways to push his wheelchair, balancing on his wheels, using the techniques to access kerbs. The delivery of the training was friendly and Stuart soon built up a good relationship with our student, engaging in good conversation. Stuart was able to show our student things like going downstairs in his chair; this made him realise all these things are possible for him as well, even down to explaining how Stuart gets in and out of his car independently. We are looking to use Freedom Wheelchair skills again next term for our student for further training. We would highly recommend the service we received.

I had my C6 injury 15 months ago so I had only had the basic wheelchair skills at Stoke Mandeville. With Stuart's tuition I was back wheel balancing down a slope and dropping off a decent size kerb within 3 hours. I also managed to get up a decent size one too. Stuart is very patient and would explain things in a different way if I wasn't getting it!

Thoroughly recommend.

My session with Stuart has paid enormous dividends. Before attending, I hadn't the confidence or skills to use my wheelchair to negotiate slopes, kerbs or door thresholds. After three hours with Stuart at the helm, I now understand the mechanics of wheelchair mobility and can now begin to use it with confidence. Stuart has an extremely diligent and motivating attitude, he really cares.  I encourage anyone to attend training with Stuart.. it's inspiring!

The one-to-one session on advanced skills that I had with Stuart was tremendous. The phone-based assessment beforehand covered not only my level of skill, experience and confidence, but also my chair, my height and weight, and a discussion about health issues that might affect my chair use. It was very thorough, and enabled Stuart to design the session very much around my specific needs. He's very friendly and easy to talk to.

On the day, he was careful to go through some of the basics to check on my technique, and to make sure that I really did have the skills I was claiming to have! And we moved on pretty quickly to the things I had come to sort. He was clear in his coaching, and specific with guidance, and as I made progress he kept stretching me a little, suggesting the next thing to try, and making the tasks a little harder all the time. He also took notes and sent me away with some practice sheets. And he followed up with an email containing, personalised advice based on the manouevres we had covered.

All in all, I was really pleased and feel much more confident about the techniques I'd been struggling with. Stuart was a pleasure to spend time with. I'd recommend the sessions without hesitation. In fact, I already have!

Wheelchair skills course covered everything from basics to how to drive a wheelchair. It is the best course I have done and now everybody wants to do this.  Thank you Stuart. Great instructor, well done, first class!.

The Freedom Wheelchair Skills training improved my existing skills, learned by trial and error over the five years I've used a wheelchair.  Stuart also taught me some new skills, improving my ability to handle stairs.  When I first got a wheelchair in 2011, I couldn't get any training - I'm pleased to see Freedom Wheelchair Skills working to change this.

Although those suffering spinal injuries do seem to have access to training, for my condition (MS) I struggled to find any support when I started using a wheelchair. Stuart at Freedom Wheelchair Skills fills this gap. The session was very informative and gave me the opportunity to practice a wide range of skills. Where I could not manage some techniques Stuart adapted them until I could. He is very professional and the follow up report and technique cards are very useful. It has already made a positive difference to how I use the chair and also highlighted the limitations and risks involved.