what is peer support

What is Peer Support?

Peer support is what?  “The only source of knowledge is experience” (Albert Einstein). Peer support is the “process of giving and receiving encouragement and assistance to facilitate long-term recovery” Peer …

Old Wheelchair

How Many Types of Wheelchairs are there?

How many types of wheelchairs are there? A lot. From where did lightweight wheelchairs come? The factory. The origin of the everyday wheelchair How many types of wheelchairs are there? …

Wheelchair Choice

Wheelchair Reviews and Choice

There is a lot to choose from Wheelchair reviews and choice is a minefield! What do you want to know about wheelchairs? Do you want to know what others think …

What makes you independent?

What makes you independent?

What makes you independent? Doing something by yourself? Physically or verbally. An essential part of being independent is taking care of your own needs, physical and mental. Because independent people …

No wheelchair anti-tip wheels

What do Wheelchair Anti-tip Wheels do?

Do you call them bars or wheels? What do wheelchair anti-tip wheels do? Just to clarify. In this piece, anti-tip wheels, anti-tip bars, or safety bars – I refer to …

Door to freedom after surgery.

Surgery – Theatre Day Arrives

Surgery The morning of surgery is when I go under the knife again for Baclofen pump No. four. I wake early to the sounds of a busy ward. Trollies are …

Wheelchair Wheelie

Is Wheelchair Skills Training for Everyone?

Wheelchair skills training is available for everyone who needs it. It has been another week of skills training, helping individuals build confidence and independence. The most recent wheelchair skills session …

Wheelchair Skills Safety

Wheelchair Skills Training is Available.

Freedom has arrived! Wheelchair skills training is available. Safety measures are in place. Keeping everyone safe. I have bookings coming in regularly. Freedom has arrived. Juggling this organisation, child care …


Covid Jab P1

Wheelchair training after covid vaccination I have my first Covid-19 vaccination booked for tomorrow. You will be reading this after the needle has pierced my shoulder, but I feel I …

Park Push

Wheelchair Fitness

If you follow me on Social Media you might have seen that I like to go for, what I call, a push – obviously this is going out in my wheelchair pushing myself to another location.