Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

Meeting Stuart and going to a freedom wheelchair skills session was one of the most helpful things I have done since becoming a wheelchair user. As a 19-year-old, my independence is essential to me. Just over a year into life as a wheelchair user, I noticed that I was missing out on so much due to not feeling confident about my wheelchair skills.

During my session, I learned many useful things, from optimising my pushing and carrying a cup to getting up and down a curb. Before my session, I was nervous about leaving home to go to university, but now that I know, I can do more skills. I feel confident that if I come across grass, cobblestones or if there are no dropped curbs will be ok. 

Not all the skills came easily to me. But I found the session helped me build the basics and knowledge of the skills and confidence to continue practising at home. Overall, Freedom Wheelchair Skills has enabled me to go to new places as I’m no longer worried about a little curb or strange terrain and has given me more confidence as a wheelchair user.