I met Stuart where he booked a community centre to carry out the wheelchair skills training. We spoke several times on the phone prior to meeting and Stuart kept me up to date on the booking throughout, also carrying out an assessment on the phone, identifying the targets I wanted to achieve. I attended the training with my support worker (Hayley) and I was concerned that she may end up sitting around watching all day, but this was not the case. Stuart fully involved Hayley in the training which was really good as she can now support me in developing my skills. Stuart is an excellent trainer, being friendly, supportive and extremely knowledgeable around how to teach new skills. What was particularly good was Stuart’s understanding of how learning new skills can be difficult and tiring, so ensured lots of variety and if something was proving difficult I’d try 3 or 4 times and then rather than having to keep trying and there being a risk of becoming despondent, he would get me to try something different, then come back to the skill that was particularly difficult later. The venue is excellent for learning new skills, having different doors and plinths, steps, a great hall, gravel outside, slopes, cobbles, grass, gates etc – it’s absolutely perfect. Stuart taught me loads of new skills and techniques and I am considerably more confident in my chair, having now gone round the shops on my own, something I would never have done before. The skills he taught have also reduced the tiredness I would feel and specific techniques have totally stopped the neck and shoulder pains I was getting. I think the whole package – Stuart, venue, knowledge, skills and personality make this training exceptional and I would recommend any person needing to use a wheelchair either permanently or when required attend this training, it far exceeded my expectations and is affordable. I would happily have paid double the money as it’s helped me so much.