Chiltern Hills Red Kites.

Red Kites in the Chiltern Hills

Chiltern Hills is home to Red Kites that soar and sweep in the bright sunshine. They are predators, hungry and constantly looking for food, using their powerful eye site to zoom in from up high. As they glide and swoop, finely adjusting their huge wingspan. Their neck and heads maintain the direction they want to travel. Always with an eye to the ground. Always searching.

The lonely Kite, home in the Chiltern Hills

Roosting on a skinny branch high in the tree line on the far edge of the empty horse field, this solitary kite is resting. When ready to fly again, he takes off. Diving towards the ground and twisting his head, he catches a warm thermal that carries his aerodynamic frame upwards, high into the viewing platform of the sky. 

After gliding peacefully, he suddenly plummets down towards a potential meal. There is a sudden change of course. Is it a change of mind by the Kite? Maybe there wasn’t any food, or the flying beast of prey was mistaken?

A gliding Red Kite in the Chiltern Hills
A Gliding Kite

Chiltern Hills is home to Red Kites

Soring back into the heavens on the warm air current. Gliding across the sun-baked countryside. Twisting. Turning. Dropping altitude fast and then climbing around on the next thermal back to a good viewing height. This is his day. Everlastingly observant, flying calmly, majestically.

Moving fast across the brilliant blue sky, this Kite is floating in the air over the rolling chalk hills, covering a massive distance quickly. He joins a kettle of kites circling above a house on the busy road. The cold cooked chicken drumsticks they can spy, leftover from the family bar-b-que. They have stupidly been left out on the garden table as a lure for him and his kind. The house owner enjoys birding. He is keen to catch some sweeping shots on his long lens SLR camera of the Kites that revolve overhead. The temptation of a meal entices them to swoop for the cold dinner in the well-kept garden. Suppose this beautifully groomed feathered friend misses his opportunity for filling his emptiness. Will this encourage his desire to nosedive towards a child enjoying a freshly cooked hot dog?….

a Ketel of kits in the Chiltern Hills
A Ketel of Kites.

A note from the author

As wheelchair training is on hold due to the pandemic, I’ve been busy homeschooling. I still go for a fitness push, currently between snow flurries, and I’ve joined a virtual creative writing course through my local adult learning. This piece, and the rewrite of The Three Little Pigs, are attempts to keep my mind active. As I sit in the study watching the cars zoom past too fast for the driving conditions. This is all in-between homeschooling lessons of Maths and English…. I’ll be interested in what you think. Feel free to leave a comment.


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