Wheelchair Skills Now Available

Vaccine two administered

That’s it, well, for now, at least anyway.

Wheelchair skills are now available. I’ve had my skin pierced for my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Again at Adams Park, the home of Wycombe Wanderers. However, it was noticeably busier compared to my first visit. Again the set-up was excellent, the pool of volunteers extremely helpful, and I got a little cruise round in the car listening to the new Paul Weller album Fat Pop.

Being protected now, I feel confident to start going out again and seeing friends and family without any concern.

But how long will this last? Every news bulletin on the radio mentions anIndian variant.  

As things opening-up, skills are avaiable

As I am fully vaccinated, I can now happily make wheelchair skills training more available. It has felt strange running wheelchair skills conducted in controlled environments and constantly thinking of risk assessment and ensuring safety as a priority through this pandemic. 

Situations have changed; I can travel more freely for training and consider more training venues. Clients are welcome to travel to my location nestled in the Chiltern Hills in South Buckinghamshire. The hall I hire has all the facilities I need to conduct a training session safely.

The hall still has some original features that present challenges to allow people to develop their skills, which they can then transfer into real life when going about in their daily lives.

If training occurs at a client’s location, we conduct an assessment call to discuss the client’s individual needs, goals, and abilities before a booking. We discuss training venue options, and sometimes a venue may need to be hired. Old church halls seem to be the best. The buildings would have or should have, been made up to DDA standards but usually still hold some original features. These features make the training more realistic – in Victorian days, or even further back, they would not have considered wheelchair access!

Out more freely 

A mate is arranging a long-awaited curry and a few drinks with the lads. I know the restaurant of choice, and a couple of the waiters know me from a past job. But I still feel a little cautious of socialising, the mixing with others. I should be safe. I know several of my invited mates work alone, don’t mix with others during their workdays, and work outdoors.

Many times I have sat in this curry house enjoying a Dhansak with a Cobra. The layout and running of the restaurant should not leave me with reason to be worried. Although I’m afraid to say, it does a bit. I guess we are all having to readjust after being cautious for so long.

But let’s trust in the vaccination programme and get back out there!

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