A New Website, and an Added Blog to Start Off…

Life in Strange Times

In these times of Covid-19 and all that you hear, whether you believe in conspiracy, science or are a person who just runs with it, I decided to take the plunge and get a new website designed and launched. So here you are reading my first blog.

You will have to excuse the possible bad grammar and punctuation, I left school with few qualifications, although I have been back to Night School to redo my Essential English with Bucks Adult Learning, so the text should be OK but, if there is something amiss, if the word Doc doesn’t highlight the problem, I’m probably just going to go with it… so apologies there!

Personally I decided to be careful back in March when Boris put us in lockdown. My wife has been working hard at home so I did the home schooling and we went for family walks when it was quiet. My son enjoyed rummaging through peoples castoff’s of DVD’s and books that had been left outside their houses after having big sort-outs.

Talking of being careful, my mum and uncle are in my bubble – my dad passed away the year after I moved out of home which now I think is a good thing, I don’t think he would have liked the ‘new normal’ – he was always busy doing something. I do miss him and would have liked to have known him as the adult I have become. Mum comes round at least once a week, we speak on the phone more often. She misses hugs with her grandson but understands the need of caution. My Uncle calls every Wednesday to check in with everyone. He is a steam enthusiast and we quite often end up talking about locomotives, particularly ones powered by steam. He visits if he is out and about but hasn’t stopped for long. The train set he built my son in the garage gets used infrequently. Kids these days have different interests but it is there if he changes his mind.

As things have eased a little and life has needed to carry on, I have been a bit more adventurous. I go out more for exercise, or to the shop if needing supplies and even risked a much needed curry with a few mates – I did make them sit outside the pub after our meal, I didn’t feel the pub was a safe environment….. Not just yet! The Paul Weller gig I had been looking forward to in June got cancelled and rescheduled for next year. I very much hope it is able to go ahead. Since the Helliocentric album release in 2000 I have lost count on the amount of times I have seen him. Not every album tour but most – even twice on some tours… you might ask why? and I have been… but every concert is different, every drum or guitar solo during songs is different. I remember one gig, at the NEC in Birmingham – I don’t recall which album tour – the set was over two hours with songs from Wellers back catalogue I had never heard live – I was very young when some were released, and mum and dad wouldn’t have had Top of the Pops or Channel 4’s The Tube on in the evenings! I’ll tell you more about the gigs over the years in future blogs so bookmark me!

All the things I get up to, out and about or in the home, Wheelchair skills are still a very important part of life, with or without Covid-19. When I venture outside, whether it is in the garden or venturing further afield to the shop or to do some social distance visiting with friends of family, being confident with wheelchair skills will gets me there easier and safer.

Freedom Wheelchair Skills is still offering training at my location or, if you are unable to travel, your location (subject to there being a suitable venue) during this strange time. A full risk assessment is conducted prior the training with the client and if needed the venue letting agent. PPE is worn and social distancing measures in place during training to make sure everyone keeps safe.

To find out more information on training availability, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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