Moving with MOVEability

The power of moving

During the lockdown, I was anxious about going out; I’m not afraid to admit it. I have a compromised immune system. What if someone randomly sneezed over me? It’s unlikely but try telling my mind that! I needed to move, and I found I could start moving with MOVEability.

The need for fitness

Being maybe over cautious about leaving the house limited my capacity to exercise. To participate in fitness pushing up and down the road in my village. Using this to raise my heartbeat. Exercise and raising the heart rate are essential for health and boosting Metabolism.

I like to exercise to an extent. I’m not a gym nut but getting my pulse increased is satisfying. Many exercise groups are accessible online, directed to people of a particular classification, and within easy reach. But not wanting to admit I’m physically challenged I don’t feel these particular exercise classes are for me. My mind tells me I won’t fit in.

Catering for my distancing away from my SCI*, I found Moveability

The power of moving with MOVEability, MOVEability offers Specialist Exercise and MOVEment Classes for ALL ages and abilities. Taking part in this online exercise class makes me feel ‘normal’. There are people taking part with a variety of long-term health conditions. Some participants are a bit older than me, some younger, and some a similar age.

The classes

Debbie and/or another MOVEability instructor run several different classes each week. Debbie and her team are very friendly and put the group at ease. They are passionate about the classes, putting everything into it and ensuring everyone onboard feels included and welcome. Each routine is thoroughly explained first, and everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace, with several different options being shown. Every class covers a full routine, from warm-up and mobilising exercises through to cardio and strengthening and right from the very start, I can feel the benefit.

As the session closes, I feel energised, and my pulse rate and vitals are up. I feel alive and invigorated! It feels good, not only for my physical health but also for my mental Health.

Debbie at work in a MOVEabiliy Fitness Class.

After lockdown and moving on

Vaccines are administered, and life has opened up again now lockdown has eased, and people can move on. I am ready to take on the world. Wheelchair skills training is available, and Debbie’s MOVEability classes are in full swing, both online and on-site.

MOVEbility classes are available online for anyone, including Seniors, Wheelchair Users, those who have been sedentary and want to ease back into exercise gently, people with underlying health conditions (e.g.: arthritis, ME, MS, Fibromyalgia, COPD), the housebound, those in rehabilitation from illness/operations, and anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental health in the comfort of their own home.

As well as the online classes, there are face-to-face group classes at locations in West Berkshire.

To find further information about MOVEability check the website for news, information on classes, testimonials and more

*Spinal Cord Injury

Moveing with Moveability
Moveability – Berkshire Physical Activity Winner

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